Our first priority is a justice system that effectively manages risk and puts safety first. We must hold people who break the law accountable, get treatment to those who need it, and support victims through smart justice strategies that improve safety and reduce costs.

SB 10 and AB 42: California Bail Reform (Assemblymember Rob Bonta and Senator Robert Hertzberg) This bill significantly reduces the use of money bail and move to a system where community safety, not wealth, is the basis for determining pretrial release. Provide pretrial services to help get people back to court and comply with court-ordered conditions of release.

Status: SB 10 is now a two-year bill and is on the 2018 Legislative Agenda

AB 1384: Trauma Recovery Centers (Assemblymember Shirley Weber) This bill creates clear guidelines and bolsters training for new trauma recovery centers ensuring crime survivors receive comprehensive and timely services.

Status: AB 1384 was approved by the Governor on October 8, 2017. 

AB 1115: Reducing Recidivism Through Expungement Relief (Assemblymember Jones-Sawyer) This bill authorizes a court, in its discretion, to grant expungement relief for a petitioner previously convicted of an offense included in AB 109 (2011), public safety Realignment.

Status: AB 1115 was approved by the Governor on September 1, 2017

AB 340: Mental Health Services for Low-Income Children (Assemblymember Dr Joaquin Arambula)  This bill expands California’s infant and child early screening program to identify children who are victims of trauma, in order to provide them with the proper mental health care services.

Status: AB 340 was approved by the Governor on October 12, 2017

SB 222: Access to Medi-Cal for Individuals who were Formerly Incarcerated (Senator Ed Hernandez) This bill increases access to critical health care services for Medi-Cal beneficiaries immediately after incarceration, a time of increased risk for medical problems, recidivism, and even death.

Status: SB 222 – in Senate Appropriations Committee