Californians Are Joining Together

deepening criminal justice reforms and building a foundation for shared safety.

Thank You for joining Californians for Safety and Justice!

Our Work

Through our programs, policy advocacy, research, alliances, and communications, we are advancing smart justice strategies that increase public safety and reduce justice system costs.

Repairing the Road to Redemption in California

Californians with convictions face over 4,800 laws that impose harmful collateral consequences long after successful completion of a sentence, most of which have no foundation in public safety and serve no purpose other than to make it harder for people to rebuild their lives.    

Local Safety Solutions

Through our Local Safety Solutions Project, we offer support and a framework that local leaders can use to advance shared safety strategies.

Second Chances

Through our Second Chances Project, we are building a movement to reduce barriers to stability for people with convictions.


Through Prop 47, Californians are changing their records, changing their lives and taking part in an important conversation about the future of safety and justice policy in California

Bail Reform

Through Bail Reform California, we are working with a statewide coalition of organizations calling on the need for bail reform and pretrial alternatives to incarceration.