Proposition 47

300,000 infrequent voters, 200 grassroots mobilization events, 100 artists and celebrities endorsed and 1,500 clergies; learn the history of the nation’s largest record-change effort helping to end barriers for hundreds of thousands of Californians. Prop 47.

Repairing the Road to Redemption in California

Californians with convictions face over 4,800 laws that impose harmful collateral consequences long after successful completion of a sentence, most of which have no foundation in public safety and serve no purpose other than to make it harder for people to rebuild their lives.    

California Crime Victims’ Voices

Who are crime victims in California? How does crime impact them and their thinking? What are their unmet needs – and experience with victim services? We explore these questions and more in a report that includes the first survey data from California crime victims.  Read the report.

Alliance for Safety and Justice

Check out our partner Alliance for Safety and Justice a national organization that aims to win new safety priorities in states across the country.

Understanding County Budgeting After Proposition 47

Our latest toolkit, created in partnership with the California Budget and Policy Center, is designed to help local advocates understand local budgeting processes and take advantage of this opportunity to improve local investment priorities.

Latino Voices: The Impact of Crime and Criminal Justice Policies on Latinos

Latino Voices: The Impact of Crime and Criminal Justice Policies on Latinos reveals that most public safety policies don’t align with many Latino needs and values – and highlights growing calls for change. To view the report, click here. Para leer el informe en español, haga clic aquí. Despite representing a larger portion of California’s population than whites, Latinos …

How to Organize a Record Change Clinic

In California, there are more than 4,000 legal restrictions on people with felony convictions, restrictions that prevent employment, housing, and more. Proposition 47 gives hundreds of thousands of Californians a chance at stability and dignity.

Victims of Crime Act and the Need for Advocacy

Too often, crime survivors, especially repeat victims of crime, lack access to basic supports to address trauma and get help with recovery. There is a new opportunity to increase funding for programs that serve the people and communities most harmed by violence and crime and least helped.

Pretrial Progress – and Opportunities – in California

A survey of California counties reveals the extent (and growth) of pretrial services in the state as local officials work to better manage their jail populations, along with a legal brief explaining how such services work within California law.

Safe and Just Videos

We’re working with Californians from all walks of life to replace prison and justice system waste with common sense solutions that create safe neighborhoods and save public dollars. Through policy advocacy, public education, partnerships and support for local best practices, we promote effective criminal justice strategies to stop the cycle of crime and build healthy communities.