One in five Californians is living with a past criminal record.

California policies place over 4,8000 prohibitions on people with past convictions — long after they’ve completed their sentence. These are prohibitions that restrict eligibility to basic necessities such as jobs, housing, education and more.

If California is truly committed to advancing public safety, economic strength and family stability, these extreme prohibitions people living with past convictions make no sense.

We created the #TimeDone/Second Chances campaign to mobilize people living with past convictions and their families so together we can shine a light on the obstacles standing between 8 million Californians and stability and organize for policy change.

#TimeDone/Second Chances is advocating in the State Capitol to shape public policy, connecting people with support opportunities locally and bringing people living with past convictions together to join as a unified voice.    

Now is time to galvanize thousands to action to build a real road to redemption. To get more information about efforts in both California and Florida, check out more information at